Mayfair 8126 Toilet Bowl


Mayfair 8126 Toilet Bowl

The Mayfair 8126 Toilet Bowl is a sleek, modern toilet bowl in Singapore being offered at a very affordable price. It has a wash downΒ flushing system, slow closing UF seat and cover and a comfort curve seat. Check out our MayfairΒ Toilet Bowl reviews here.


– Washdown flushing system
– Water Saving
– Slow Closing PP Seat & Cover
– Comfort Curve Seat


– Flushing Type: Dual Flush 2.5/4 Litres per flush
– Push Button: Top push
– Roughing in: P-trap (180mm)
– Bowl shape: Elongated
– Overall Dimensions: 700 x 400 x 630mm


– White (WT)

10 year warranty on flushing system

Mayfair 8126 Toilet Bowl
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Brand: Mayfair
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